Sunday, December 28, 2008

Quick "N" Dri

Read about this stuff that you run your biodiesel or WVO through to remove water at Utah Biodiesel Supply. It's called Quick "N" Dri.

Basically you build a tower, not unlike the Purolite resin tower, and then you just run your biodiesel or WVO through it to remove your water. Apparently a single pound will remove 12 gallons of water before needing to be regenerated. Regeneration is nothing more than letting the stuff sit out in the sun and dry out! For the price I'm going to have to order some and test it out.


Snowboardphil1 said...

did you finaly buy this quick'n dry stuff, and can you tell me what kind of results you got ??


VeggieDreaming said...

No, I ended just using hardwood sawdust and chips and works great! I compared the filtered bio from the wood and the Purolite and the results were identical. I've been using the wood for over a year now. When it's saturated with soaps I just use it as fire starter logs.