Friday, October 23, 2009

Spent part of the morning re-working the 3/4" pipe to connect the WVO collection tank to the processor. Looks like I'll be able to reuse 100% of the pipe and parts from the previous system. I will have to get more parts to create a new method to use multiple injection streams into the processor. Instead of just one stream to mix/agitate I'm designing a system using 4 streams/ports. I'll post pictures or schematic later this weekend.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

FINALLY! I've got the Jerry Rig II setup just about ready. I know, I's taken me long enough it's been tough with family and work responsibilities but I'm just about there. Here are some pictures to show the progress.
From Jerry Rig Biodiesel Processor Updates
From Jerry Rig Biodiesel Processor Updates
From Jerry Rig Biodiesel Processor Updates

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yet another update

While waiting for the battery on my riding mower to charge, I decided to begin disassembling Jerry Rig I. Let's all take a moment of silence to honor and recognize all the biodiesel Jerry Rig I created...........ok that's enough.

As you can see by these photos that using the 16 gallon drum was VERY simple. I can say without a doubt had I been driving less than 500 miles a week I would have been still using Jerry Rig I to produce my biodiesel. This is a great size to begin with and easy/inexpensive to build. It also didn't require a whole lot of space to setup either. I've offered up the processor to a group of VW TDI owners to adopt. Lets see what happens.


Since my last post I've made some progress and should have Jerry Rig II up by mid week. I've finally plumbed the bottom for my WVO collection tank and ready to put it in place. For those going with a stand pipe design you can go to Lowe's and have them add threading to pipe in order for there to be enough thread that comes out of the bottom to attach to needed pipe to connect to system.

Finally found some washers to seal up the hole I slightly made a smidge to big for the electric water heater element.