Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Purolite PD206 Ion Exchange Resin Tower (Dry Wash Tower)

Well, as promised here are the pictures of the completed 24" dry wash towers.  Made with Schedule 40 PVC, whatever that means.  Fellow biodiesel partner in crime, Frank, came over this morning to assist in assembling these.  We end up making up 4 towers total, 2 for each of us.

Into these towers will go 2 pounds of Purolite PD206 resin.  There's quite a bit of space left over to allow for expansion of the resin.  They must swell a hell of a lot to need 24"!  2 pounds of this stuff won't take up more than 4" at best!  I'll report back on how they do and with biodiesel results.


ironeagle1958 said...

What diameter tube are you using? I see you are using two resin towers, I am assuming this for greater flow. What is your flow rate, and what motor are you going to use and does it have an adjustable flow rate. How often will you need to change the resin? Are you connecting the towers in series for better filtration. What kind of stand have you made to hold the resin towers.
Thank you for your time in this matter.

VeggieDreaming said...


Tower dimensions are 4" x 24" with 2 pounds of Purolite loaded. As of right now I"m only using one of the towers until I figure out a way of automating the flow. Right now I"m hand pouring about 2 liters into the towers which take about 15 minutes to completely go through the resin. So that looks to be about 1 gallon every 30 minutes give or take. I usually can get 5 gallons done in about 3-4 hours, by no means accurate hand pouring. But the results are fantastic! I've run about 60 gallons through the Purolite so far. I'm not looking forward to the cleaning.

Hope that helps. I'm working on a new 55 gallon drum processor this weekend and should hopefully have it ready to go by mid next week. Keep an eye on the blog.