Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jerry Rig Processor

Allow me to first give credit and thanks to all those who helped me and answered my questions. Without their knowledge I wouldn't have been able to accomplish this.

Well, after months of talk, researching, and planning I have completed my biodiesel processor! Tonight I will running my first large batch of about 8 gallons. This design allows me to use the single to process, settle, wash, and dry in one tank. This was chosen in order to conserve space and reduce cost of materials. While I only have on TDI that requires diesel this processor will produce around 11 to 13 gallons of finished biodiesel.

Future plans are to eliminate the wash and drying process through the use of Puralite to do final removal of any remaining lye and methanol. This will reduce the processing time, cost, and use of water during the wash cycle.

I'll try to post complete construction, operation, and results details by this weekend.  Also, the lack of updates to this post is due to have created another blog for a TDI club that we created here in central Indiana.

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