Saturday, November 10, 2007

Building Biodiesel reactor platform

Well we are well on our way! got together with my friend to build the mobile platform to support our AppleSeed Biodiesel Reactor.

Basic dimensions are 30" wide by 70" long. The completed height will be 16" from ground to top. There's enough space to hold the 40 gallon water heater and the washing/drying plastic drum, with extra space for the the pump and such.


VeggieDreaming said...

hey is this working?

VeggieDreaming said...

At this time I had to back out of the project due to time constraints. I do keep in contact with my friend and he is expecting to have it up and running soon.

I have also begun working on a new design for myself that will allow me to have just two containers, one for collecting oil and one for the processor, washer, drier, and storage of BioD.