Thursday, August 09, 2007

To Veggie Oil or Biodiesel?

So no that I have my diesel dream I've been presented with a new dilema, WVO (waste veggie oil) or make my own biodiesel? Each has it pro's and con's and make for a tough decision. So let me try to break it down for ya (myself).

-Free oil
-Little or no processing required
-Very Green

WVO Cons--
-Costly car conversion
-If not careful can damage engine
-Winter viscosity issues still have to use diesel

BioDiesel-- Pros
-Straight into tank no winter concerns, for those of you in warm states above 50 degrees.
-No costly car conversion
-Less chance of damaging engine

BioDiesel-- Cons
-Winter have to blend in order to not gell fuel. Most recommend no higher than 20%.
-Dealing with hazardous chemicals
-Not as cheap as WVO
-Longer processing period of time

So you see my choices are tough! Each has it's merits. As for the hazardous chemicals part a co-worker has offered to host the processor for the biodiesel. This is great and I won't have to worry about my toddlers being near the stuff in the garage or blowing up my house.

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