Friday, August 17, 2007

BioDiesel Home Brew

So, this weekend I'm going to give making a small 1 liter batch of pure 100% Biodiesel. In order to make it as simple as possible I'm going to be using a very method referred to Dr. Pepper. This linke provides the details and instructions to make a successful batch using clean unused oil.

I'll be photographically documenting this process for you viewing pleasure.

For the record today I was able to do my first true mileage assessment. After a full week of driving since my last fill up I logged 588 miles when my fuel warning came on. I filled up with 12 gallons of diesel and it averaged out to 49 MPG. This was mostly highway driving but there was some in town driving as well. Knowing that the light comes on with 2 gallons to spare I figure I can safely get nearly 700 miles per tank!

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