Saturday, May 26, 2007

While I'm searching

While I haven't found a diesel car yet that shouldn't delay me from designing and creating the components needed for my system conversion. That way I'll be ready to install the parts once I find a car. I'll share the fruits of my labor and take any suggestions for improvements as they come in.

I figure the parts I will be making are:

-Fuel Pickup heater for WVO trunk tank
-Filter Heater
-Gather my fuel relays and switches
-In line WVO temperature monitor
-In line fuel filter for last filtration on WVO
-Settling and Filteration station for gathered WVO
-Hose-In-Hose fuel delivery ( this I may save for last as to enure I make the correct length)

This should keep me pretty busy with what spare time I have between work and family.

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