Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Economics

So if you visited my sight or others, dealing with WVO conversion or just diesel, your probably wondering what are the actual economic savings. So, today I will attempt to provide and overview of just the savings one can gain by just driving a diesel Beetle. Let me start by saying I'm no Harvard economist but I think the numbers and math are pretty simple here. So, lets get started.

I will do my comparison based on 10 gallon fill up that I usually do and based today's current gas and diesel prices.

Dodge Neon- 10gal x $3.19= $31.90 average distance on 10 gallons 310 miles
Beetle TDI -10gal x $2.89= $28.90 average distance on 10 gallons 500 miles

On first glance there wouldn't appear that much of a savings on the same 10 gallons, only $3. But take a look at the distance that each vehicle can go on the same 10 gallons. There's a 190 mile difference and when you break that down that's roughly over 6 additional gallons at a cost of $19.55 for the Neon. So, when you add this additional cost to the it would take $51.45 to get the same mileage as the Beetle.

This would be $51.45 x 4 weeks = $205.80 a month x 12 months = $2,469.60 a year for the Neon!
For the Beetle $28.90 x 4 weeks = $115.6 a month x 12 months = $1,387.20 a year for the Beetle

An overall savings for the Beetle of $1082.40 a year or $90 month. This just strictly based on diesel, next time the savings when WVO is factored in.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone likes Beetes ;-) !

I'm more interested to see a calculation between Beetle on Veggie Oil vs regular diesel or even fuel.