Monday, April 13, 2009

Aaah..Spring is in the air, time to Brew!

Well, I know I've shirked my duties in keeping the blog updated but man it's tough to find new things to right about! But fear not I have come up with a solution! REGURGITATION!

Yes, that's right re-visiting my experiences but with a slight twist. As you remember I was working on Jerry Rig II to upgrade to a production capacity of 30-35 gallons of finished biodiesel. Well, since I have to reconstruct and rearrange everything I thought I would document the whole thing for all to see. I'm looking forward to it!

On a side note I've been having a hell of a time obtaining lye from Lowes and other retail outlets. I called around to several chemical suppliers and none will do business with individuals without a business license. Would appear that the damn meth heads of made it more difficult for us law bidding citizens to acquire such chemicals. Damn drugtards!! But thanks to the kindness of some fellow brewers I was able to find a couple of sources for getting ahold of some potassium hydroxide(KOH). Wonder if any of the meth heads would sell me some their KOH?

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