Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hell is filled with used car salesmen

Well, I hate to say it but I now know how used car salesmen got their sh*%%#* reputation! Why can't they just be up front and straight forward?! Oh yeah THEIR USED CAR SALESMEN!

During my test drive I tested the AC out and found that during and after that it never got cold or cool in any way. I asked the salesman if he knew what was the issue with this. "I'll check in to that" was his reply. During several phone calls when trying to iron out the financing I would repeatedly ask about the status of the AC and each time "I'll check into that not to worry".

Come the day of signing the paperwork there was still no word on the AC and it's cause of failure. Before signing anything I told the financing guy about the non-functional AC and that I wasn't signing anything or purchasing the car until I knew if the dealership was going to fix it or I was going to be responsible for the repair. I asked this question due to the "AS IS" sign and before I signed anything I just wanted to know up front.

Later that afternoon I get a call from the used car sales manager to inform, whine, about how the salesman had sold me the Beetle for to little and that they gave me to much for my trade. He said he was told that after purchasing the car I was upset about the AC, as if I found out afterwards. I told him I hadn't done anything with the car and that in fact it was still on the lot, good thing I hadn't given them my car yet. He basically wanted me to come in and re-negotiate the deal with the cost of the repair figured in. The funny thing is that during the conversation I found out that he hadn't even put the car in the shop to determine the cause of the AC failure. Why the hell am I going to re-negotiate anything without knowing the cause and cost of the AC failure?! Come to find out the sales manager knew about the AC issue and was aware what was wrong but failed to tell anyone or instruct the salesmen that the car was to be sold at the listing price without fixing it. Or at least buy at what they listed it for then they would fix the AC.

As I told the manager I was pissed that I kept asking about the AC and if they knew what was wrong with it and if they were going to fix or would the buyer be holding that bag. ALL anyone had to do was say "Mr. Case, this car is being sold AS IS and that any non-functioning or faulty item will be the responsibility of the buyer". Had anyone said this I would have walked away. How F*&%#!@# tough is that?!

Secondly, when financing I was told that my only choice was for 24 months. After coming back in I was given the option of going to 36 months. I asked where they pulled that out of since I had asked and been told that 36 months was out of the question. Yes I know I'm paying more in interest but at 36 months it fits better in my budget.

So, basically I got the car at the price I wanted and they are replacing the AC compressor. What a pain in the ass! Don't want to go to hell?! Don't be a used car salesman!

Oh, by the way the dealership was Butler Kia, Suzki, Hyunda, Toyata Warehouse. So, be very careful when dealing with the bastards.

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