Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Electrical Work

Taking some time to do some needed repair of the VeggieVolvo's electrical wiring. Volvo in their wisdom thought that the car wouldn't last beyond 20 years and made the wiring insulation bio-degradeable. Problem is their cars are still on the road 20 years later and owners are finding nasty exposed wires!

So I've decided to go ahead and begin repairing the wiring harness. I orginally searched for harness's to buy but they ranged from $200 to $450. Needless to say I decided to undertake just doing it my self. For those who may be looking for a Volvo Harness check out Dave Barton for a large selection of Volvo wiring harness's.

I've got to say so far disconnecting and finding replacement connectors has not been that bad. One just has to be careful to remember where all the connections are, if you don't have a Volvo wiring manual. I'll post more later as I go with pictures later.

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Volvo 740 Turbodiesel said...

That's alot like my wires looked :) Brings back memories...